Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little toot from me :)

Holy MOLY and OW!! All I have been doing is SLEEPING lately (and NO, I am not expecting-LOL). I suspect it is because I have walked 8 days out of the last 10 and logged 11 hrs & 30 mins for those days. Hopefully THAT is it-tee hee. And my feet are PRETTY sore tonight!

So, in light of THIS information, I have been playing catch up today. Thankfully, Little Man was 'off' today and yesterday, so I got a few things done. I finally got my Mixer 22 done (I wasn't crazy about it at first and re-did it, then realized I was supposed to use STARS in the second one as well and couldn't send it to be posted after all.)

Which one do you like better? (Sorry even with editing, the colors are still a bit washed out. They are more vivid IRL)

Layout 1

Layout 2

AND-AND-AND!!! Since I have been so busy sleeping AND walking, I haven't had time to post-I made the final 30 out 400+ cards submitted for the '1st Annual 2 Sketches 4 You Ultimate Card Showdown'.
I STILL think there must have been some mistake BUT I am working on my next submission as we speak. They will pare it down to 20 from here (and I am CERTAIN I won't make it that far-but-WISH me LUCK!!! (it worked the last time! ;) ) .

I am also working on my Just Cre8 July kit (July already?? Yes. July) and should have some sneaks to post in the next day or two :)

I think that is all I have for now.
Thanks for stopping by & Happy Wednesday!!


TraceyT said...

What are you talking about not being able to make the top 20???? You most certainly DO have the ability to do so. Go take another peek at your cards again, girl!!! Can't wait to see your next card. I'll be cheering for you.

Re: Mixer. I think I like the first one the best...might be the colours I am drawn to. At any rate, they are both totally awesome.

nscropper said...

Of course you'll make it ... your work is gorgeous.

Love your layouts ... they are fabulous. :)