Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You R My 'Son'Shine

 It's a snowy day in my neck of the woods today, 
it's not bound to stick but enough already! :)
I am ready for Spring, how about you?
Maybe it's because of the snowy grey days that I sketched out
this sunshine-y LO last month before I got my kit.
Do you sketch your LOs out ahead of time? 
It's a newer thing for me. 

I stalk the Hip 2-b Square blog (drooling over the
 kit that I KNOW is coming my way) and sometimes 
inspiration hits.When I sketched this, I was standing 
at my kitchen counter and this is at the bottom 
of a practice spelling test I had given my little guy.
I try to keep a pen and paper handy most times in cases
 like this. 

Sketching out the LO before hand can really make
 the whole scrapbook process much quicker. I often
 pick my papers this way (which saves me from
 shuffling and moving papers around aimlessly).
I also tend not to 'over-print' my photos with a sketch. 
I know which shot and size I will work into the 
layout and don't print as many 'just in case' pictures.
This 10 minute step probably shaves 1-2 hours 
from my scrappy process (I am a very slow scrapper).

Do I sketch my LOs every time? Of course not (I wish I had 
the foresight to but I am simply not that organized and 
that would probably take some of the fun out of it for me at 
some point) and when it comes down to it, I am a pretty
scatter-brained girl and simply NOT a planner at heart.

**By the way- the sketch is extremely rough but doesn't 
need to be fancy for this purpose. 


This is my finished LO. As you can see, I deviated a bit.
I used sewn paper strips instead of arrows, I covered my 
punched circle with washi tape instead of  punched hearts, 
added a few more buttons and no real journaling to speak of
but it is pretty close to the original sketch.

I would love to hear any time saving tips you 
may have discovered to help shorten 
your creative process.

Thanks for stopping by!
HUGS & Happy Surfing :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Love This

Happy Monday, Scrappy Peeps!
I have another LO to share today using 
the February kit from Hip 2-B Square.

This LO (the card below and 2 more LOs) uses bits 
and pieces from a sheet from Glitz's new 
Color Me Happy line (the paper is aptly names 'Bits & Pieces')
On this LO, I hand cut the words 'love this' 
and the arrow border from that sheet.
If you continue down the blog, you will also notice the 
card is a small rectangle cut from this piece as well.

Thanks for popping by today!
HUGS & Happy Surfing!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


I thought I would start this St. Paddy's Day post out with a
picture of my little clown on Friday. This kid just makes me laugh.
I have been diligently scrapbooking with the February kit
 from Hip 2-b Square and have ended up re-doing 
 a couple of old layouts as well. These pictures are from
Little Man's first year. Since I was home alone with him,
 a lot of the photos I have are 'selfies' but this was one of
my favourites (maybe because you only get to see half my face ;) )
I have always considered myself lucky to have a cheerful, happy
 & bright little boy.


This is another old photo.
I knew as soon as I saw that heart that I would have to dig
 these pictures out and scrap them, since the colours
 and stripes were so similar. I originally finished this page off
without the punched circles but it just felt too bare, so I
punched circles out of the same sheet of cardstock for an
embossed effect. I really like this technique when my
page needs 'a little something' but I don't want it to look
busy or crowded. 

Thanks for stopping by!
HUGS & Happy Surfing!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating with Sketches Vol. 2

I have to say I was beyond thrilled to be asked
 to design a layout for this volume of Creating with Sketches.
I was even MORE thrilled when I got my electronic copy
and saw all the wonderful sketches, layouts and
designers that were included.
If you only purchase one sketchbook this year,
 this should be the one.
(Check the link HERE for purchase information)
This is my LO for the sketch book.
It's about Connor & his Grampy playing
an intense game of Scrabble Jr. on his birthday :)

Thanks for popping by!
HUGS & Happy Surfing :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Grandparents

Today is the first day of March Break and I couldn't
 be more thrilled to live life without a schedule this week :)
It's just me and my Little Man (all of my afterschool kiddies
 are enjoying time with their families this week) which
means I will have pleanty of time to play with my little munchkin
 (although I suspect he will be quite bored of me in no time
since he is used to having his buddies around so much).
While he is eating his breakfast and watching Ninjago, I thought
I would sneak this blog post in :)
This is the last card that I have to share using the
January Hip Kit + Add-ons. This was my favourite
card. The flowers are one large sticker that I cut down
and layered. I also added a bit of white underneath,
to give my butterflies a place to rest.

This LO is of my Nanny and Grampy from years ago.
I recently became a member of a Walker Family group
on facebook where 'lost' pics are being posted and this
one was posted of my grandparents. We lost our family home
to a fire when I was three, so heirlooms & old photos just aren't
available. The scrapper in me was thrilled, I saved the picture
and printed it. I am hoping to add the date (when I can locate it
 and alotted room for journalling behind the photo).

Thanks for popping by today!
HUGS & Happy Surfing!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Creating with Sketches Vol II

My scrappy friend, Kristine Davidson is at it again!
She is currently finishing up Creating with Sketches Volume 2
 and I am THRILLED to report that I will have a
 LO featured in this edition too!!
To order a copy, please visit her site : HERE
And here is a sneak peek of the LO that I contributed.
I simply CANNOT wait to see the whole book.
The last one was absolutely fabulous, has sold over 1000 copies
and is a great reference for getting your scrappy
mojo flowin' - tonnes of sketches and layouts!!
Thanks for popping by!
HUGS & Happy Surfing!