Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You R My 'Son'Shine

 It's a snowy day in my neck of the woods today, 
it's not bound to stick but enough already! :)
I am ready for Spring, how about you?
Maybe it's because of the snowy grey days that I sketched out
this sunshine-y LO last month before I got my kit.
Do you sketch your LOs out ahead of time? 
It's a newer thing for me. 

I stalk the Hip 2-b Square blog (drooling over the
 kit that I KNOW is coming my way) and sometimes 
inspiration hits.When I sketched this, I was standing 
at my kitchen counter and this is at the bottom 
of a practice spelling test I had given my little guy.
I try to keep a pen and paper handy most times in cases
 like this. 

Sketching out the LO before hand can really make
 the whole scrapbook process much quicker. I often
 pick my papers this way (which saves me from
 shuffling and moving papers around aimlessly).
I also tend not to 'over-print' my photos with a sketch. 
I know which shot and size I will work into the 
layout and don't print as many 'just in case' pictures.
This 10 minute step probably shaves 1-2 hours 
from my scrappy process (I am a very slow scrapper).

Do I sketch my LOs every time? Of course not (I wish I had 
the foresight to but I am simply not that organized and 
that would probably take some of the fun out of it for me at 
some point) and when it comes down to it, I am a pretty
scatter-brained girl and simply NOT a planner at heart.

**By the way- the sketch is extremely rough but doesn't 
need to be fancy for this purpose. 


This is my finished LO. As you can see, I deviated a bit.
I used sewn paper strips instead of arrows, I covered my 
punched circle with washi tape instead of  punched hearts, 
added a few more buttons and no real journaling to speak of
but it is pretty close to the original sketch.

I would love to hear any time saving tips you 
may have discovered to help shorten 
your creative process.

Thanks for stopping by!
HUGS & Happy Surfing :)

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Totally awesome girl :)