Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Autism 101
I went to my first Autism 101 session tonight. How surreal of a feeling. We watched a video (in a WAY tiny room & my clausterphobia almost got the better of me in an already tense situation) but I persevered. Whew. No tears although I was close several times. Thankfully I have a hairdo that I can use to hide tears. Every child on that tape was my Little Man. One little kid made the same faces. Another danced around in circles-JUST LIKE HE DOES. Another one talked the SAME way. And what was worse-I SAW MYSELF in those parents that were interacting with their children.

It is VERY easy to be in denial in my little cocoon here at home but out in the real world, in THAT environment, it is not easy at all. Then we had a discussion period afterward. So many parents (I'd say there were about 15 of us) ALL had such similar experiences to mine. And some were harder experiences than mine. I was torn between wanting to cry & simutaneously run over and hug them.

MAN!! I hope the next session is less emotional.
ANYWAY. The reason for my post is a DT reveal at Scraplovers ( I promised myself this would be a 'scrappy' blog but I HAD to get that out. If you are still reading, THANK YOU)

I got a fabulous kit including Basic Grey's new Porcelain line/Marrakech line, New Pebbles & New Cosmo Cricket. My posts were a bit late this month because my kit took awhile to get here and I am still in a bit of a scrappy slump. I hope it goes away soon.
This is the new Pebbles 'Downtown Collection: http://store.scraplovers.com/frompebbles.html
Shy Girl
This LO was done with BG's new Porcelain.
Damask design cut from CI paper.
Alphas & tape measure from Teresa Collins.
I was at a crop a couple of weeks ago and we all had to introduce ourselves to the group. I was almost last and by the time it was my turn, I was quite stressed (I am REALLY shy and hate talking in front of people). I had actually said that during my introduction and the girl sitting next to me said she would never have believed that based on my 'online persona' LOL. I knew I would HAVE to scrap that little bit of my personality. TFL!
Journalling: 'I am sometimes mistaken for being snobby. But I'm not. People are always surprised to learn that I am shy IRL."

Now & Then
Using the new Girl Friday/Little Man papers. TFL!
This LO is about a span of 3 years difference bew=tween Little Man's 1st and 4th birthdays. TFL!
Thanks for stopping by!
Be sure to pop in tomorrow night as we have a reaveal for MIXER NUMBER 13!!!


The Queen of all Mosquitoes said...

love the new LO's !!

it does get better and easier!! hang in there


Amanda said...

Love the LO's, Cindy. And hugs hugs hugs to you! Parenting is a challenge, and your challenge is extraordinary. But you have the strength and the courage to do it!

Tanya said...

Your pages are always so beautiful Cin, you bring so much to every single page. Total scrappy goodness.

I am so glad to hear that you have your first session behind you. You are an amazing Mom. Hugs

Darlene D said...

LOL, I would never have guessed you to be a shy person. I'm somewhat shy myself, although I know alot of people would laugh to hear my say that. I cover it well I guess. Love these layouts, as always. Your little man is so lucky to have a momma that loves him soooo much. Have a great day girlie!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

I find I am more reserved IRL than my online persona is too. :) I love the new work...it doesn't look like you are in a slump. Hugs to you and LM...you're a great mama!

Anonymous said...

hey cindy!!!
while your first session like it was a bit emotional...you must feel so good...it will be so great for you and your son!!

LOVE the LO's!!! and i gotta ask..is that your house?? it's so pretty...i think i am jealous ,lol!! that is another lure of the east coast for us...some gorgeous housing over there!!!

have a fab day!!!

TraceyT said...

I am so glad these sessions are available to you even if the first one was so emotional. {{hugs}}

These pages are so STRIKING! There is so much eye candy on each and every one.

Amanda Winchester said...

Huge hugs to you!! I am just reading this now. You are a fantastic Mom and I know that with all the help you are getting your LM is going to do great!!

Your LOs are gorgeous as always!!

nscropper said...

Hugs! I am glad that you have these sessions to go to, even though they are hard, and emotional, they are needed. My boyfriends son has autism,he is 14 and now he thinks that his youngest son who is 3 may have it as well. It can be hard and frustrating at times .. for both of you ... hugs to you both.

Wow ... I love all your layouts. fabulous. I know what you mean about the shy thing ... sigh ... I am VERY shy too and I know that people who don't know me think that I am a snob. :( but i am not, not even close to being one ...

Amanda Muirhead said...

oh my word girl!!! wowsers...absolutely AMAZING work... that BG Porcelain...you rocked it...that little birdie is just perfect!

Amanda Muirhead said...

and I was just reading about your Autism session...huge hugs to you.