Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Scraproom.

Due to some good natured peer pressure :), I have taken a few photos of my NEWLY cleaned & re-arranged scraproom to share with you. All of my furniture in this room (with the exception of the organizational cubes which were a C-mas gift last year) are pieces that were no longer being used (luckily for me, they are all pretty neutral and match-y)
I moved the storage units to this wall from the wall on the right hand side (the desks were next to each other under the window with the dream sign on it-I hope that makes sense-LOL) The space is alot brighter now and the work space is more usable now that it's more square.

These cubes are SO great for storing all of the little goodies and special papers we collect for this wonderful hobby. This stack of papers goes from 3-bugs to Pink Paislee (yes, I have them stored alphabetically-LOL.

These 2 towers house the rest of my papers (die cuts and lace cardstocks are in the top 2 drawers) and I keep all my cardstock in the last column. My punches are in the bottom 3 drawers.

THIS is STOLEN (from my husband's tool bench-LOL). I used purple alphas that I KNEW wouldn't get used otherwise and housed of my oprhaned (left over) alphas from various chipboard sets. I also store buttons in one column and brads/eyelets in another-these are all stored by color.

This is where I store my flower stash & neutral buttons. There are spools of ribbon in the drawers.
Since my workspace is actually a pair of compter desks, I have a pull out drawer on each side. In one, I have all of my inks and extra stamp blocks (plus a few stamps that I was too lazy to put away.

This is pretty much where everything else has landed up. Things that I want to work on, scrappy mags, more ribbons, fancy edged scissors, grungeboard, large acrylic stamp sets, extra albums, etc. This COULD be better organized and is on my to-do list. Someday! LOL

This is my loose ribbon collection. I temprarily put them in ziplocks, punched a hole & eyelet (again using purple eyelets since I will probably NEVER use them otherwise) and hold them all together with a jump ring. Not the prettiest storage BUT VERY efficient.
I still need some curtains, to put up some shelves, my bulletin board & maybe a peg board. The space isn't homey yet but I am on my way.
Thank you for stopping by and checking out my space. Maybe next time, I will show you what's IN all the drawers. ;)
Have a GREAT Wednesday!


Gisèle said...

great scrappy space Cindy, I love it:-))

Tanya said...

LOVE your space Cin! sorry for the peer pressure tee hee!!


TraceyT said...

That is one fantastic space. You are SOOO organized. LOVE it

Chantal said...

WOW!!! Great scrap space!!! Love it!!!

Chelsea said...

I'm coming to scrap with YOU!! So nice and bright, love all the white... LOVE the cubes!! Gorgeous!!

Amber said...

Ahhh, this is so pretty! I have partially organized my room, but it's nothing like this! Love it! =)

Tina said...

i still say i'm coming over to scrap! LOL! you can still use the floor and I'll use your fab desks! LOL! I don't even have to bring anything mut my pics... looks like you have lots to share! ROFL!!!
Gorgeous spot girl!

Amanda Muirhead said...

AMAZING area Cindy!! Perhaps someday I shall come over to scrap in your space and fondle the contents of your drawers ;)

I do not judge you on your shopping habits...I do believe worship is the word I have been tossing around !!! :D

Michelle said...

darooool!!!! I'm still drooling over your space!!!!

Naomi said...

So when are you coming to organize my house??? It looks great! :)

Amber said...

WOW!!!!!! This is awesome!!! Love how organized it is!!!

Kimberly said...

Jealous. I only wish my space was as organized as yours. Mine looks like a bomb went off at a paper factory.

Ariadne said...

Love your scrap space, you are so organized!!!