Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Treasures.

Hi Everyone! I haven't had much to share (that was scrappy related) this past week. I've had a SERIOUS case of the BLAHS this week. The season is already becoming busy-we went to a Santa Claus Parade last Saturday night, a kiddie C-mas party before hand. Plus C-mas shopping and wrapping. I am busy already and not even in the thick of it. Sorry I haven't posted but I should have some new things next week-I am planning on kicking my MOJO's butt into gear this weekend (wish me luck).
In the meantime, I have started reading New Moon (it's a REALLY easy read and a TOTAL page turner) and am definately looking forward to seeing the movie. Have you read it? Are you a die-hard fan? Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Are you planning on seeing the movie? I think I am Team Edward and plan on seeing the movie (hopefully in the theatre).
And then last night, my SIL and I went to the annual Christmas Craft Fair. It was more of the same, some great home-made goodies (dips & sweets). The Cake Box was there and I FINALLY tried a red velvet cupcake. OH MY GOSH. They are knee buckling. I came home with a box of 6 (for a very small fortune) but I just could NOT decide which ones I wanted.
BUT this is the purchase I was REALLY excited about. I also picked up 2 small prints from local artist, Jessica Doyle. Jessica and I were friends when we were little (and she even taught me how to do a cartwheel ( I think-LOL). I have been drooling over her art since I found her ETSY shop last fall. Her pieces are so vivid and graphic and if I could afford larger pieces, I would have at least one in every room in my house. Please make sure to check her out. You will NOT be dissappointed. Below are the 2 copies I bought from her. I can't wait to frame these little beauties. These will both find a home in my scrap room.
(Images borrowed from Jessica's site at )

Thanks for stopping by! Have a Happy Saturday!


Julie said...

I love December,but I never enjoy the stress of it.Those prints are great! I have never heard tell of her.Thanks for sharing and this Cake Box.......where is that? I am a sucker for a sweet treat ya know :)

Tina said...

Now I'md glad I didn't stop at the craft fair last night! (i was in town)... the sweets would have REALLy done me in!!
Love your pic of prints! Fabulous!

TraceyT said...

Those prints are just beautiful! WOW

I still have NOT tried one of those red velvet cupcakes. Glad you had fun!

Tanya said...

Me either! I need to try one for sure! Those prints are gorgeous!!