Tuesday, May 8, 2012

10 of Us

And this is the last of my March projects from Hip 2-B Square.

This LO I did about a trip we took with some wonderful friends a few years ago.
The first night we were on the ship, most of the passengers were enjoying a show welcoming us all to the cruiseship but the bunch of us grabbed our swimwear, an I-pod with mini Speakers and some drinks and sat in the hot-tub singing The Gambler in the fog at the top of our lungs.
Of course when the show let out, the entrance led the audience right past the pool and hottubs. I am sure we all looked crazy but it was by far, my favorite night on board.

Even though I didn't have pictures of any of us from this night (because what happens on the high seas STAYS on the high seas ;) ) I felt it important to document since it was my favorite memory, so I used pics I had taken of where the event occured rather than the event itself.

And this LO I just LOVE.
The kelly green in the paper matched the green in Yogi's clothes and the pic was a bit of a fluke. It was super sunny outside, the sun backlit my photo and turned out quite well IMO.
I liked that the bright colours add to the Summer feel of the LO. 

Thanks for popping by!
Happy Wednesday!

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