Thursday, January 24, 2013

8th Birthday Celebration

Happy Thursday (and Holy Deep Freeze, Batman!!)!
It is C-O-L-D!!
I have a bit of a confession, I often make my LOs before I have my pictures printed.
I usually sketch them out when I do this, knowing which shots I will print off and what size I will print them at but this time, I completed my LO before I even TOOK the pictures. EEK!
I guess if the colors in my pics were off, I could tweek them while editing or just go for the tried and true printing in black and white method but since I usually scrap in the same bright colors I wear on my son, I just went for it and it worked.
I didn't know how many pics I would use or what size, so I just winged it and left a large (fairly open) space available for my pics and just set it up. My original concept isn't overly embellished or ornate, I knew I would add more details as I worked with my photos. 
As you can see, I added a fair amount of photos & kept most of them small (2x2, 2x3 and my focal photo is a 'grand' 4x3). by keeping the pics zoomed in and cropped, I was able to add 10 photos & journalling spots. I also cut some random sized '8's and placed them around my LO.

LO created with December Hip 2-B Square kit + add-ons.

Thanks for stopping by!
HUGS &Happy Surfing!
Stay warm!!

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