Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rocking Pink

As part of the Anti-Bullying campaign, LM's school does a 'wear pink' day to raise awareness.
My little guy has NOTHING in the way of pink clothing so I dug out my hat and Hubby's tie and sent him off  (after taking pictures of course!!).
I really like that Hip kits can be used for non-themed LOs too (Kimberly does a great job at balancing themed & non-themed products in her kits)
This LO was done with the November Hip Kit that had a C-mas theme to it.

This LO was our first snow (all 3 mm of it - can't say the same right now, we just got more than a foot dumped on us!!) But they did call it a snow day and cancelled school that day, so I got some pics of these two little monkies before the rain started and washed it all away that day.

Thanks for popping by!
Stay warm & safe today!
Happy New Year!!


Sherry C said...

Love the layouts - so adorable!

Jennifer Grace said...

Gorgeous layouts. I love the enamel dots around the titles! The twine bow looks really great on the snow page too! x