Wednesday, October 30, 2013


If you can't tell, I absolutely adored these Heidi Swapp alphas - I think I used them on every project I did with the August Hip kit. They are non-adhesive, so I set them with a tiny bit of glue and then machine stitched over them to keep them in place.
A bit about the LO:
Little Man and I went to the fair this summer and we each got bracelets for unlimited rides. I promised him I would go on any ride he wanted as many times as he wanted since we had to cut it a bit short last year. I got some great pics from this vantage point-he was super smiley since we were going on all the 'big rides'. I love this pic especially.
Side note: The ride ended up being terrifying (I went on it as a child -MANY times and loved it - wasn't scared at all back then but there is something about hurtling 50kms an hour with your only child on a machine that is assembled within a 24 hr period that is pee-in-your-pants S C A R Y). Neither of us was keen on going on a second ride.

At least I lived to tell the tale. ;)
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HUGS & happy surfing!

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Leanne said...

such a beautiful LO! I adore the photo and the awesome banner! Hope the rest of the rides weren't so scary..x :)