Thursday, October 24, 2013

Playing Catch up!

I have a few cards to share today from the August Hip Kit.
As you can see, I am starting to get comfortable with stamping/inking/embossing-
Which is not something I am normally comfortable with-my stamping is less than stellar most times-
and I have ruined more than 1 project in the past with my mis-placed/mis-inked/blurred stamping.
I discovered that I am not as nervous with it though, if my stamping is my starting point (meaning, stamp first-adhere/embellish later). This takes alot of the stress off and I am not as afraid ro ruin a project. If I make a mistake stamping, schances are that I am only going to be out 1 little piece of cardstock and not ruining a WHOLE project.

Thanks for stopping by for post number 2 today!
HUGS & Happy Surfing!!

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