Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Trains to Rollercoasters?

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Little Man found a new love at Zellers 2 weeks ago. A roller coaster from K'nex. Everytime we go to Zellers, we go and 'visit it' (which has ended in tears several times-OY!!). I promised him that if he went 'potty' we would get for him. Yesterday, he did (promptly followed by LM going again in his pants. ACK! Momma is getting tired of stinky bums after 4.5 years!!) Of course, as soon as LM pottied, we called DH, who immediately left work and went to pick up the roller coaster. I still think we were duped by a 4 year old (because he hasn't pottied since :( )but who can deny this cute little face?? For the record, it took me 1 hr 50 mins and LM assisted quite nicely!
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THANKS for stopping by! Happy Thursday!


Julie said...

They are great things,but so complicated to put together.Thankfully you had a good and willing helper.Looks like he is quite pleased with it.Hang on and keep being consistent and he will win the battle over potty training!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

Look at that face!!! So worth it, but it's a battle, isn't it? I hope S doesn't get into that stuff, it look way to complicated for me!!

icecheeks said...

That is the coolest toy! We are just starting potty training here too so I feel your pain :)
HOpe you have a great weekend Cindy!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

You'll see your LM will come around. But what a nice treat it was for him to get that! WTG for having the patience for putting it together.

nscropper said...

Awesome ... I really wouldn't have had the patience or brain power to put that together ... lol.

Amanda Muirhead said...

that is one cool!!!