Thursday, July 16, 2009

HI, My name is Cindy..

..and I am a PROCRASINATOR. On Tuesday, I dug out all my un-catalogued LOs and this was the pile I came up with. And NO, I didn't count them-I was too afraid to! After my first hour fighting with too small page protectors and trying to add post extensions, I have desided D ring ALL the way will be the way for me to go and NO price will be TOO high for getting those hours back!. SHHHHHHEEEEEEEEESH! No wonder I was putting it off so long! Do you add your finished pages to your albums right away? What brand albums/page protectors do you use? (I need to switch from the cheapest/whatever is on sale method I have been using!)

These are some pictures that I took for a photography class I am taking at Appleby's. The first shot is my 'blurring the action' shot LM is madly waving a Canadian flag and the second shot is called 'panning'. A really cool technique that I am trying to master.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Thursday!


Julie said...

I have a stack of layouts waiting for an album.I need to buy new ones.The last ones I had were just cheap ones from Costco,but I loved them!

Kimberly said...

I put mine in an album right away. I am too afraid that something might happen to them! I have four little hands running around. ;)
I love the Chatterbox suede albums. But they are very hard to come by, as Chatterbox no longer sends those to Canada. I have a SIL in the States, and I get them shipped to her, and then she sends them to me. I actually love the page protectors even more. They are bigger than 12x12 and accomodate bulky pages.... ;)

Amanda Winchester said...

Mine isn't quite that big, but it's a decent sized pile. I am waiting to go all D-ring as well. I have one for B, but I need to get some for my other LOs. SU sells them too...need to check theirs out :)

Lori said...

Wow Cindy - that's a big pile - but I have to admit - I am jealous that you have so many layouts done.
Keep us posted on your photography class!

ellen s. said...

LOL, me too! i love the Drings,'s just that i alway want other scrappy supplies other than the album, LOL!

dstandard said...

I use albums from Kohls or Michaels BUT when I do a 12 X 12 page I cut off a little over `1/4" off one side before I start - that way it does fit in the cheap page protectors and any album! Good luck!

Amanda Muirhead said... this post. I know I have at least 2 years of layouts that are not in albums... I plan on piling them up and taking a shot too!! I've been picking up American Crafts D rings with a coupon every time I go to Michaels so maybe some day I will have enough of them to put my l/o's in :)