Sunday, July 12, 2009


I REALLY had intended to post these Thursday or Friday. WHERE is the time going??
I scrapped ALL weekend (for the most part) and got my JC8 reveal DONE. I am really happy with my projects this month and can't WAIT to share them! :)
As promised, here are a few pics from our trip to the BEAUTIFUL (albeit chilly) PEI. BUT as I am scrolling through, I realize that I NEVER really got any pics of the ISLAND!! LOL
I only have pics of us in the camp (boring), at the pool and amusement park!!
I was thrilled that Little Man went into the pool (3 TIMES!!) and got on RIDES!! He is REALLY making so much progress these past few months and we are SO proud of him!!
Us in the pool (I cropped as much of ME in a swimsuit as I could!! LOL)
Little Man's FIRST train ride with DH.

This was his second (BUT not his last!) train ride with Me :)

A ride that he got on ALL BY HIMSELF (AND enjoyed!!)

And HERE he is trying to talk DH into going on the ferris wheel (yeah-THAT was going to happen!!) LOL :0)

Be sure to check back this week. I have some new LO's to post! (woohoo!)

Have a happy SUNDAY!!


Mélanie Blackburn said...

WOW! Looks like you had a fabulous time! So glad your little man is doing soooo great. He's the cutest little guy ever. WTG for going in the pool, you are braver than I. ;)

Jenn Di Paolo said...

Cute! He looks like he's having so much fun. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself...nice job on cropping the bathing suit pic...I am there with you honey!!!

Aphra said...

Looks like sooo much fun! Love all these photos...can't wait to see your layouts.

Julie said...

It is always freezing when we go to PEI too,but I'm sure the sun shines as soon as we are across the bridge.

Looks like C had a blast!

Can't wait to see your layouts. I'm sure they are wonderful!

TraceyT said...

I am SO glad to see and hear about this trip. BIG hugs to all of you on accomplishing more and more milestones.

Amanda Muirhead said...

oh I didn't know you were on my island!!!! The pics look FAB! Ris & I have spent a lot of time on that very train ourselves. I love the pic of you in the swimsuit and LM too both look looks great in sepia!