Friday, March 30, 2012

I Stamped!!!

When I got this stamp with my DT kit from American Crafts, I knew I would just have to use it on something.
I normally shy away from stamping because a.) I am a lazy scrapbooker (and hate the thought of moving to the sink to wash them off-yes, I am THAT lazy!!) and b.) I normally do a terrible job at it (my lines never turn out crisp, I always end up smudging somehow, I am just never happy with my stamping (kind of like how I always end up hating my handwriting)).
But I just knew I would use this stamp and OMGosh!! Did I ever have fun playing with this stamp!

I ended up making a small stack of 4x4 cards and checkITout! I even stamped a background!!!
This stamp is gorgeous (yet seems to be sold out everywhere-so if you see it re-stocked grab it up!)

I wanted to stamp some hearts and stars in my jar but I ended up liking the pearls instead and lets face it, it's easier to just stick these on but alas, I ran out, 4 cards in, so I need to re-stock!

I will post my supply list later today-I am a bit short on time right now.

Thanks for checking in!
What do you think?
HUGS & Happy surfing!


Chelsea said...

I love that stamp!! I really love how the pearls finish it off, beautiful!! And a great way to use up some of the leftover ones when you only have maybe 3 or 4 left on one sheet!

Katie said...

So cute! I adore the cards!

kkingrey said...

You and I have the same thoughts about stamping, especially the getting up to rinse them off ;-)
Great card.

Chantal Vandenberg said...

BRILLIANT!!! Best card ever!!!! :D

Michelle K said...

I'm TRYING to find that stamp but like you said...its sold out EVERYWHERE! As for your fear of stamp cleaning...use baby wipes. I keep a pack on my desk. I've NEVER washed a stamp...the baby wipes are all I need!

Hip 2-b Square said...

I use baby wipes too!!! Cindy, I love how you used the jewels in your jar to make candy! LOVE IT!!!

Julie S. said...

Too cute . TFS.