Friday, July 27, 2012

Bike Riding & Martello

 Hello Everyone!
First, let me apologise for the pictures being all over the place in this post. Blogger is not cooperating today and frankly, I give up playing with it.

Just wanted to give a quick post today. I have been teaching this little sweetie to bike ride this Summer and we have are having LOTS of fun learning. I am hoping to have him riding without training wheels by the end of the season - we practice everyday for usually an hour or more. Learning to peddle took awhile and now we are learning to brake (I am hoping it becomes an instant reaction soon, I am sure the neighbors think I am losing my mind when they see me running after him yelling, 'Brake! Brake!!' LOL.) It's a bit of a longer process with a child on the spectrum but we are having lots of fun nonetheless!

A few weeks ago I had a great time scrapping with some awesome ladies. I got a WHOPPING three LOs done in 8 hrs and one was a two pager! I scrap extremely slow usually and then get easily sidetracked by food, conversation & shopping at crops but since this was a 'gals just getting together' type of thing, there was NO SHOPPING and I was able to settle down after a bit and FOCUS. Who knew I could scrap AND talk at the same time!!??!!
This is a LO I did of a class trip I chaperoned for Little Man's class and we ended up at a local landmark. It was great to be a 'tourist' in my town. I am sure I haven't been to this spot since I was a child myself.

**double click on picture for a larger view.

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Happy Friday!
HUGS & Happy Surfing! :)

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