Saturday, December 31, 2011

Paper Snowflakes

Are you on Pinterest??
I have developed a SERIOUS addiction to it.
There are just SO many wonderful ideas out there, especially if you are the DIY type of girl (or guy).
I found a link for snowflakes HERE and set to work (along with my Little Man).
It's safe to say that we were hopelessly addicted to making pretty flakes out of paper. So many, in fact, that I was running out of room to display them (I hung some from my dining room light, made a banner for the mantle and Hubby had to take some to work!)

I even used a few on my LO as well (I find that they are easier to cut if you use white printer paper or even loose leaf (with the holes cut off)). I tried using cardstock but it was incredibly difficult to cut-it's just too thick.
This LO highlights a few of my faves along with Little Man's banner that I put on the mantle.

Thanks for popping in.

Please have a safe and happy New Year!!

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anamerari said...

love making paper snowflakes this layout was very inspiring