Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wedding Day

How ironic that on the day of our 12th Anniversary, I have a wedding LO to share also.
I love happy accidents!
This pic was a candid photo from our photographer and has always been one of my faves from that day. I don't care that my dress isn't straight and my veil was blowing around, I just LOVE the natural expressions on our faces.
This LO is another project from the August Hip kit.
I always struggle with pretty LOs, especially wedding themed. I love fun embellishments and color and I have a hard time making a LO true to my style when I have to scale the palette back and work with fewer colors. When I saw all the black, white and neutrals in this kit, I knew I would give it a 'go' again and am pretty pleased with the results.
**sorry for the bad picture of the LO, I have NO idea what is going on with  my camera lately or if I am creating the problem with editing. If anyone has any insight into what I may be doing wrong, I would LOVE some help ;)
The LO is of my Dad & his new wife who got married last year. I have already scrapped their pictures and made them a wedding book but printed extras off for myself and made a page for my own scrapbook. I was really nervous on this day - not only was I the (very ammature) photographer for the day but I was also stepping in as 'Best Man' for my hubby who could not make it.
I was so very honored that they entrusted me with 2 of these duties but was also scared out of my mind. I don't handle authority well and am totally a 'worker bee' - ready to pitch in and help when need be - but PLEASE don't put me in charge of annything or make me the center of attention in any way. EEK.

All in all, I am pretty happy with the way this turned out (for a change).
What do you think? Still too playful for such a momumental occasion?
Did I miss the mark? I'd really LOVE your feedback.
Now I am off to work on my Hubby's Anniversary gift, hopefully he likes it.
Thanks for stopping by!
HUGS & Happy Surfing!
(Happy Anniversary, Markie! Love you!!! xo)


Nicole Hoffman said...

This is my 12th anniversary too and I'm finally going to scrap some photos we have from that day (that didn't go into the professional album)

Kimberly Hutchison said...

It is beautiful! I love your layout. Absolutely perfect! xo