Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy mom moment! (and a new card!)

My Little Man has a FRIEND!
* * * * * *

TODAY was my baby boy's first ALL boy birthday party!!
I was SO THRILLED that there were other children with the same skill set as LM (a few were even from his clinic) and he just ran around & played.
And he FIT RIGHT IN with all the kids.
Normally these sorts of things are always SO stressful
because Little Man doesn't always behave the way the rest of the kids do
and I always worry that other people will think that he is mis-behaved when in fact he just doesn't cope well in new situations and has a hard time relating to his peers. He has a good heart and just wants to play with the other children, he just doesn't have the communication or social skills to do it (YET! ;)).
I am just SO proud of him and SO happy that he had fun.
He REALLY enjoyed playing with the other kids and I am so
HAPPY and relieved that he had a good time.
Can you tell that this was as exciting for me as it was for him??

As it turns out, this little boy loves Thomas the Train as much
as LM does, so I made him a TTT birthday card and altered the gift bag
with his monogram. I was really happy with the result (now I wish I could just remember WHERE I bought that darn Thomas paper-it wasn't at Micheal's when I checked today and I was SURE that was where I got it.
YIKES. I MAY be in trouble.LOL)
Not alot of product on this one. I got the gift bag, card base at the $1 Store (dollarama). I was excited to find them plain-ish and picked up a few extra!
Paper-EK Success, Studio 8 (pale blue), corrugated cardboard-$1 store, Rubon (happy b-day)-Creative Cafe, ribbon-unknown, Chipboard 'M'-Scenic Route, notebook paper punch-EK Success.
Thanks for popping in! Happy Saturday!


nscropper said...

That is wonderful. :) And the card is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy, I'm so glad your son had a wonderful day with kids he enjoys being with!
Love your thomas card too. Adorable!

Mélanie Blackburn said...

This post has made me smile!! Glad your LM has found a buddy!!!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

That is so awesome Cindy. Your post made me smile. My mom got some Thomas paper for S. at Zellers quite awhile ago, though I was certain I saw it at M's too. I'll check the next time I go!

Tanya said...

awwww, I am so happy for you guys Cin. That picture of LM and his friend is SOOO adorable. Hmm.. I think I had some Thomas paper. I will see if I have it still.

Tina said...

That's so exciting!!!!!I'm thrilled for you AND him! :)
And SWEET gift set!!

TraceyT said...

{{Hugs}} to all of you!! What a sweet, sweet photo and wonderful memory. LOVE the Thomas set. I suspect it was a HUGE hit.

Cheryl said...

awesome when you see lm enjoying himself !!!!such a time for pride!!!!