Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mixer 29!

This mixer REALLY had me thinking. Along with Juliana's AWESOME sketch, we had to use masking tape & aluminum. This REALLY got me thinking because I had forgotton all about THAT part and had most of my LO done. I decided to use the masking tape as a layer on the paper/accordian flower that I was making. In the end, it gave the 'flower' a really nice 2 tone effect. The second requirement was to use aluminum on my LO. So I figured it would be easy enough to change the appearance of a button (whose color I did NOT enjoy) by putting foil all around it. I think this was another nice touch to the LO.

Close up of aluminum foil used to cover over button.

Close up of masking tape layer on Red flower.

Thanks for
popping in! Happy Wednesday!


Aphra said...

Saw this over at Mix It Up! Fabulous! Yours was definitely my favorite. The fall colors and pleated flowers really caught my eye! Glad you put close-ups those techniques!

Jenn Di Paolo said...

I love both techniques...I can't seem to get those accordian flowers to work for me. LOL! Pics are sweet.

Tanya said...

awww Look how tiny lm is!!!! What a cutie. Gorgeous layouts, hmm.... lovin those flowers! I must try those!

nscropper said...

gorgeous. :) love the masking tape on the flower. :)

Tina said...

Look at you go!! Love how you incorporated both techniques... at the last minute! Fab!